Yukiko Yoshizu

Piano Tuition

Playing the piano must be a fun and joyful experience. Whatever your level and aim are, I can help you in your need. Let's enjoy it together!

Classical Piano Tuition

Do you want to start playing the piano or take it up again after a gap?

I am experienced in teaching children and adults, from beginners to advanced. It is never too late to start. I can help you to learn necessary things such as reading music, fingering, basic theory and so on. Let's begin now!

Do you want to improve your expression?

To be able to express yourself is one of the fantastic things about playing the piano. We can pursue this issue together from both technical and mental sides.

Do you want to improve your technique?

Having a good technique makes it easier to do many things. For example, you will find yourself reading and memorising music much more quickly and easily. You will also feel united with the piano and will be able to express yourself as you wish.

Are you suffering from pain in your forearms or any part of your body when you play the piano?

Playing the piano should never be painful! I can help you to be more relaxed and be free from the pain.

Are you scared to play the piano in front of people?

Don't worry, it is natural to be afraid! As an experienced pianist, I can give you tips to be less nervous and enjoy performing.

Blues, Boogie Woogie, New Orleans Style Piano Tuition

Playing blues is as important as playing classical music for me. I am performing as a solo blues pianist and also playing with a band. Whether you want to play by yourself or play in a band, I can teach you appropriate riffs, improvisation, technique and theory. It is a lot of fun and you don't have to read music. Both inexperienced and experienced are welcome!

For further information about my blues work please visit: yukipiano.com


I am an experienced and qualified teacher / pianist:

  • BA majoring in Music (Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Education Society Teaching Certificate for Junior High Schools (Kunitachi College of Music,Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Education Society Teaching Certificate for High Schools (Kunitachi College of Music,Tokyo)
  • Diploma majoring in Piano Performance (Music and Media Arts Shobi, Tokyo)
  • Diploma majoring in Piano Teaching (L'Ecole Normale de Musique, Paris)


  • £22 per 30 minutes
  • £32 per 45 minutes
  • £42 per 60 minutes