Yukiko Yoshizu


Yuki playing at Christ Church

My friendship with the piano lasted more than twenty years. Happy days, gloomy days, come rain or come shine, there has always been a piano with me and I have shared all my joys and sorrows with it. I love this delicate and dynamic, gentle and powerful instrument which sets my soul free.

When I started to learn music, I was a five year old girl in Sapporo, Japan. I enjoyed going to music school very much but never imagined that music would change my life so profoundly. Playing the piano was so joyful and by the age of 15, I made up my mind to become a professional musician and took a music course at Hokusei Highschool in Sapporo. Urged by my desire to learn more about music, I moved to Tokyo and studied at Kunitachi College of Music where I obtained a BA and Teaching Certificates for Junior Highschools and High Schools. After graduation, I worked as a piano teacher at the YAMAHA Music School in Tokyo. While working, I continued to study at Tokyo Music and Media Arts Shobi. My main subject was in making and preparing for recital programs. As I graduated, I gained a Diploma for Performing. My travel to pursue music did not stop there. I flew to Paris and studied at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and obtained a Diploma for Piano Teaching. Moving to Bristol in 2001, I am now performing as a solo pianist, accompanist and piano tutor.